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Water on Mars

We have discussed this subject of water on Mars in its past due to the universal cosmic flood Peter writes about in l Peter 3:5-6.

I believe-and I am only postulating here- it is possible since God gave man the ability to ‘live forever’ that Mars may have been the first planet slated to be populated with life as its surface- as some scientists speculate -may have been like earths at one time, of course, before the water mass Peter writes of ‘overflowed it and destroyed’ this wonderful planet.

It is speculated that once this planet was ‘filled’ with deathless life two humans male and female would go there to start human life as God would create life as He did on this planet.

We do have examples of two human beings that were ‘taken up’ into heaven without dying that is Enoch and Elijah. So would Adam and Eve (or some other pair) once this planet was ‘filled’ be taken up to, say, Mars, which was probably like earth before the fall?

It is strange, but it is embedded in man’s mind a desire to travel to Mars, and other planets, and as some scientists want to do, set up a base camp (like on Mars) then colonize and explore the planet and delve into its resources, etc.

Let’s remember this is what happened to this planet!  God placed man and told him to procreate and ‘multiply and full up the earth.’ Without death all of nature would fully full this earth. It is said, as an example, that if every mackerel lived one could cross the water walking on them so many and dense would be their numbers-not to mention all other life forms God created!

If every boa lived…let’s not even think about that one!

Dr. Howard Davis

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A Cashless Future

One World Currency is Here!

All of these articles show the world is beginning to establish a cash free universal cash free economy. I have been saying for years scripture indicates in the “last days” there would be a cash free  universal society. It’s now forming before us today.
Years ago a bank manager told me their supervisor told them to encourage customers to only use their cards as eventually banks will be based on electronic debits only.
Revelation 13 says that the Antichrist or World Leader through the one world government will set up a universal “mark” or chip so if one wants to buy or sell they will need this chip or mark in their right hand ( laborers?)or forehead( professionals?).  This would be like Plato’s proposed world Republic which one can research online.
Refuse this chip implant and you can’t engage in commerce of any kind!
“It was incredibly easy”to make an electronic cashless payment. Someday predicts scripture -which is never wrong and many prophecies have proven fulfillment for those who wish to research them-the entire world will be a cashless society which allows for those in control to demand that only those with the mark may buy or sell. Revelation 13

Dr. Howard Davis


India unveils world’s tallest statue, twice the size of the Statue of Liberty

Note the world’s tallest statue almost 600 ft. tall. We think of 666. See Daniel 3: Note this statue was 60 cubits or about 90 feet high and 6 cubits wide or about 9 feet wide. But in cubits then it was 66. We read in Rev.13 the antichrist has a crew to make and set up a statue of himself and demands worship,etc. It seems to be a weakness in mankind to create statues of gods or human beings of note. Just as the king in Dan.3 had a statue made and demanded others fall down to pay it homage so does antichrist.

Getting the world prepared for when antichrist or the world leader has own statue set up. Revelation 13 indicates the whole world will see, hear and know about his image or statue ;so this indicates inspired divine prescience predicting the worldwide electronic satellite age when any area of earth can be seen on television.

Remember this book was written some 2,000 years ago and down through the years many have mocked and laughed saying how could the whole world see and know about one statue or see two men (Rev.11: 1-13 esp.7-11) all at the same time in Jerusalem and it has not been that long since man has had this capability to see all of the earth by satellites and transmitted to earth.
Daniel predicted thousands of years ago in the last days knowledge would be ‘very sharply’ increased. Heb. He said many would ‘rush at great speeds’ (Heb.)going here and there all over where they live and the world.  Jet travel, and even cars going at speeds of 80 MPH or more ( in L.A. it’s “more” ! ) all of  which was unheard of in Daniel’s time!
The proposed Hyperloop will take passengers going over 760 miles MPH  to various cities. From L.A. to San Francisco ( 381.9 mi 6 h 15 min) for example, it would take some 35 minutes! Daniel 12:4

India unveils world’s tallest statue, twice the size of the Statue of Liberty